COVID-19 is still spreading in 2021, altering people's lives and work. The practice of quarantining has grown commonplace. Despite the epidemic, social distance cannot prevent the formation of love, and many couples manage to get married.Designers and couples alike were even more imaginative when it came to wedding rings. Designer jewellery has its attractions, but in this year of loss of control, the diamond ring is the only detail that couples can control, and nowadays couples want to have a proposal ring that is special to them and represents their love.


  1. Choice of gemstone

Although natural diamonds are the dominant choice for engagement rings, with the introduction of laboratory diamonds into the market, many people are opting for laboratory diamonds instead of natural diamonds. Whether it is engagement rings or wedding jewellery, laboratory diamonds are the choice of many women.


  1. Changes to the band

Because it's difficult to keep your hands sterile while wearing both a wedding band and an engagement ring, many brides choose for a two-in-one ring, such as a large and a little diamond set in the same band, which is both distinctive and practical.


  1. The Shape of the Diamond

While many men in Europe propose with a shaped diamond ring, this is not the case in Asia, where the majority of people choose round diamonds. Cushion cut diamonds are more appealing to the hand, princess cut diamonds are more elegant, emerald cut diamonds are more modest, and so on, and shaped diamonds are becoming increasingly popular as a proposal stone.


  1. A classic with a modern twist

The traditional style has become the safe choice, with the addition of avant-garde components to solitaire and triple diamond rings, such as frosted brackets and various metal settings, becoming a new favorite.


  1. The rise of rose gold

While white gold and platinum are often the metals of choice for diamond proposals, with the advent of rose gold jewelry, rose gold is becoming more popular, giving the ring a more fashionable appeal.


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