As Christmas and New Year's Eve approach, it's an opportune time to open Instagram and read your friends' stories, sharing the latest jewelry they have recently bought or the expensive jewelry they got from their boyfriends or husbands. Wouldn't you also like to have a sparkling diamond ring, or delicate diamond earrings, or an elegant bracelet to reward yourself for your year-round hard work?

Looking for a simple and original ring-shaped bracelet to reward yourself, but when you look at Tiffany or Cartier, you quickly realize to what extent you can't afford it, even if it is simple in style, and when you look at the whopping prices of the different brands of natural diamonds, you get nothing but discouragement and disappointment.

Many women in their 20s, even though they are just starting out or don't have much savings, can actually have exquisite and beautiful diamond jewelry.

In recent years, laboratory diamonds have appeared before the public eye, using advanced technology to "grow" diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds do not represent the dynthetic diamonds that are commonly known. They have the same physical properties and luster as a natural diamond, and also have a diamond certificate issued by the IGI and GIA, which are more malleable than a natural diamond, offering more styles and designs, at half or less the price of a natural diamond.

Undoubtedly, one can spend all one's hard-earned savings on a rare natural diamond. However, colourless diamonds are expensive, and fancy colored diamonds are sold at astounding prices. With the advancement of technology, a quality diamond, whether colourless or fancy coloured, can be produced in the laboratory in a matter of weeks from a single seed at an affordable price. A quality 2 carat diamond can be purchased for the price of a Chanel or Hermes handbag.

Lab-grown diamonds are affordable, while jewelry designers can use different elements according to their wishes to design new jewelry that meets the beauty of the modern girl generation. Not only are there diamond jewelry for everyday wear, but there are also design accessories for you to choose from. The element selection is not restricted to colourless diamonds, but also includes pretty pink diamonds, lively blue diamonds, elegant yellow diamonds, and so on. Whether it's for a date or for work, there is always one that suits you best. Lab-grown diamonds are also more eco-friendly than natural diamonds, and there is no "blood and sweat" in the gemstones.

SHAN offers you a new generation of simple and fashionable laboratory designs of lab-grown diamond jewelry that can be designed in various cuts and colors according to your personal preferences.

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