Hong Kong. 2019. 

– SHAN established its first platform as a passionate gemologist in the field of lab grown diamonds. A passion for stones and diamonds certainly, but above all a business sense for a brand new market in the industry fused this opening. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Like any girl, Sharon, the founder of SHAN, was also drawn to the bling that stones bring out. Her passion grew as her mother introduced the fascination, glamour and charm that diamonds have. For sure, diamonds definitely are desired and coveted and will never lose their classic appeal. But the price tags are definitely striking and not everybody could have it as their best friends. This is when SHAN started to search for ways to make these girls - including herself - buoyant by providing new ways of diamonds. Gorgeous, yet affordable. This is what you will find at SHAN.  

SHAN has been very fortunate to be able to source lab grown diamonds and stones directly from a certified laboratory. Lab grown diamonds are chemically, physically and optically identical to a mined diamond. Nobody will be able to tell the difference between mined and lab grown diamond - not with the naked eye, not with a loupe, and not with a standard microscope. Only special technology can tell the difference. 

"Diamonds are forever." This statement has been around for decades not only because diamonds are one of the strongest substances in the world, but also because the desire for these beautiful stones lasts forever. Just how diamonds are tough, lab grown diamonds are also durable, chip-resistant, but with zero environmental and humanitarian costs. This is the value we stand with at SHAN. Lab grown diamonds offer a beautiful, conflict-free legacy to be passed on through generations. 

Our products combine art and science for the future generation. At SHAN, we aim to promote opportunities to enjoy jewelry through our price, transparency and for environmental reasons. Our diamonds hold emotional resonance from mother to daughter, us to you. Are you ready to own your first beautiful, ethically-made lab-grown diamond that will indeed last forever? Come browse your forever investment here at SHAN Stones.