Customers are no longer limited to a single choice when buying diamonds; they can choose a new innovation in the diamond industry by opting for lab-grown diamonds instead of traditional mined diamonds. From a physical and optical aspect, mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are identical, but lab diamonds cost 50-60% less than mined diamonds. Laboratory diamonds are becoming the new favourite among buyers because they are affordable, long-lasting and cost-effective.

When buying lab-grown diamond jewellery, Consumers should be aware of the different diamond simulants that exist in the industry. Any seller may say that the diamond was created in a lab, but it could simply be a high-carbon diamond or moissanite. Therefore, in addition to selecting a brand that offers a guarantee, customers can also look over the laboratory diamond's official certificate.

The leading diamond grading laboratories such as IGI, GIA, AGS, and EGL certify any diamond, whether natural or lab-grown. With these certificates, which provide all the facts about the diamond, such as the certificate number, the shape and cut of the diamond, the carat, the 4C standard grading, additional information, the clarity characteristics chart and more, the client is assured that the diamond is authentic. If there is no certificate, the diamond may not be authentic.

Prior to a diamond grading agency issuing a certificate to a specific diamond, it undergoes a series of tests carried out by certified experts using special instruments to scrutinise and measure the diamond reliably. Once the diamond has met the standards, the diamond grading agency will issue a certificate.

It is therefore crucial to double-check these credentials with the brand to ensure the accuracy of the diamond's information and to ensure your own security when buying a diamond. For your own peace of mind, all SHAN laboratory diamonds are IGI certified!