Many people save up to buy diamond jewelry, which reminds them of their dreams and the fruits of their labor whenever they wear it. Bracelets, earrings and necklaces are all common diamond jewelry pieces. Wearing and using a piece of jewelry for an extended period of time causes it to lose its luster and shine, and it won't look as shiny as when it was new.

So, do you know how to take care of your diamond jewelry?

First and foremost, jewelry should not be worn while hiking, bathing, or otherwise exercising, since sweat and other secretions will remain on the jewelry. For outings, make sure to put on make-up and perfume before putting on your jewelry to prevent any residue from accumulating on it.

Whether you wear your jewelry regularly or have not worn it for a long period of time, dust can accumulate on the surface of your jewelry. Keep your jewelry professionally cleaned whenever possible, using a professional jewelry cleaner and computer daily. Carefully wrap your jewelry in a soft cloth or jewelry box when not in use to prevent dust from accumulating and to avoid oxidation of the metal when air reacts with it.

By following the above tips, your jewelry will look like new after a long time.