The time is finally here. Jason is ready to pop the question to her girlfriend of many years, after experiencing miles of distance between them. He has decided to tie the knot and begin the road to ‘happily ever after’. The next big decision is: how to buy an engagement ring. He is on the hunt for the most perfect diamond ring that represents his lifetime promise to her. Days of searching on foot and online have continued. He couldn't find the one

Alan has been working for a few years and is now ready to purchase a unique ring for his upcoming proposal. As much as he loves her, he wants to get her the most special ring as possible. But the more he searched, the more he felt the burden of the high cost. His heart was ready, but his wallet wasn't. 

An engagement ring may be one of the biggest single purchases you make in your life - both financially and sentimentally - and there are a lot of things to consider along the way.


What do I want? What does she want? These are the questions you should be asking when purchasing an engagement ring. Before sticking to one style of design for the ring, make sure to choose your perfect diamond first. The value of a diamond, the more clear, pure, and shining, the higher in its value. Generally, when choosing a diamond, you will consider from the 4C aspects: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. 

If a natural colorless diamond is your pick, take a 1 carat loose diamond as an example, with D color, VVS1 clarity, the polish, symmetry, and cut are all EX and no fluorescence, it will cost about 70,000 yuan. The premium on the brand will be more expensive. Designing, processing, etc. are another expense to add on. 

This is where laboratory diamonds come in. Unlike natural diamonds that require millions of years under the earth's crust, it takes about 6-10 weeks to cultivate the formation of diamonds. The small diamond "seeds" continues to crystallize under a high temperature environment during this period. This process is a perfect reproduction of self-heating mining diamonds. This gradual growth of small diamonds are the same between artificially cultivated diamonds and mining diamonds. In addition to the fast formation time, laboratory diamonds also have IGI and GIA certificates. The quality is even higher, and the price is quite economical. You can also buy a 3 carat colorless round diamond for only 100,000 yuan, at your favorite setting. The perfect diamond proposal ring is ready. 

At SHAN, you can play around with different combinations of cut, clarity, colour and carat weight until you find a stone that looks great and fits your budget. We are proudly presenting a laboratory-grown diamond which we call ‘the diamond of the future’, where design and costs are no more a limit. SHOP NOW!