Discover the Pros and Cons of choosing a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond

For many couples seeking the perfect engagement ring, deciding between lab-created or natural diamonds presents an important consideration. Let's examine the key pros and cons of each option.

lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond

Natural Diamond Pros:

  • Perceived rarity/value - Thousands of years of precious gem status elicit desires for scarcity and prestige.

  • Established investments - Proven record of holding/gaining value when purchased from reputable sources.

  • Nostalgic appeal - Traditional choices satisfy romantic notions of "mined romance" from history books.

natural diamond in hand 

Natural Diamond Cons:

  • Expensive - Significant premiums paid for comparable size/quality to lab diamonds.

  • Questionable sources - Conflict concerns linger for some about unregulated or undocumented origins.

  • Limited supply - Rising costs, smaller yields mean larger sizes become progressively more expensive.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Pros:

  • More affordable - On average 30-50% cheaper for a similar quality diamond. Makes larger carats attainable.

  • Ethically sourced - No links to environmental destruction, conflict or human rights issues associated with mining.

  • Indistinguishable - Visually identical to mined diamonds with same light performance and physical traits.

  • Consistent quality - Grown in controlled labs, offering more precision versus natural variations.

  • Long-lasting - Treatment-free and virtually impossible to damage, just as durable as earth-mined gems.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds Cons:

  • Newer market - Resale values less established versus natural diamonds with decades of appreciation.

  • Misconceptions - Some hold prejudices despite scientific identicalness, though this is fading quickly.


Ultimately, for functionality and visuals, lab-grown diamonds are scientifically the same product. Choosing ethically and affordability often means they're the better option for most rings today. But personal priorities around nostalgia or investments also factor in. An educated selection aligning with one's values is most important.