“Extraordinary shouldn’t be limited to the 1%”

Our Story

From Mother to Daughter:

I was being drawn to the magical beauty of sparkling diamonds and colourful jewels since I was a child. My mother would take me to shops big and small to see them, and later I found even more amazing pieces in the auction houses when I studied in Europe. But the prices of beauty was simply beyond my reach....
I wondered if there were equally magnificent jewelleries at much more affordable prices in the world.

The Most Beautiful Discovery

Years later I learned from science journals that diamonds and precious stones can be grown in laboratories with the exact composition of mined ones. I only wished it was true!

Most importantly, these lab-grown jewels are environmentally responsible, sustainable, and ethical. Hence, no more “Blood Diamonds”, slaved and child labour in the extraction.

Combining Art with Science

The future of lab-grown diamonds and precious stones is rather new to many; but part of living greener, we can be more responsible and protect our little blue planet when it comes to being pretty.

From Mother to Daughter II: SHAN is the name of my little daughter which I dedicate to our brand, in giving my best to bringing the finest quality of lab-grown diamonds and gems to you.

I hope you will share the love of the beauties in each of these unique pieces...