When it comes to diamonds, the classic advertising slogan, "Diamonds are forever," immediately pops into people's minds, as does the diamond crown on the Queen's head or Princess Diana's sapphire ring. Thanks to De Beers' successful marketing, the diamond has become a pledge of love and a must-have jewel for wedding proposals. Nowadays, the "lab-grown diamonds", a high-tech product that can be artificially grown, are sparkling brightly. What exactly is a "lab-grown diamond"? Is it a real diamond?

Lab-grown diamond is, as its name implies, a diamond that has been grown in a laboratory. The formation process of a natural diamond is simulated in the laboratory. The "seeds" are slowly cultivated in a laboratory environment and thus grown into a synthetic diamond. Both mining diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are pure carbon crystals with identical crystal structure, physical properties, chemical properties and optical properties.

While many people believe that lab-grown diamonds are just fake diamonds, that's definitely not true. In fact, laboratory diamonds first appeared several decades ago and were used mainly for industrial development because of their rough surface and poor quality. Later on, other synthetic gems like Zircon, Moissanite and other gemstones were used to make jewelry. Although their appearance is similar to that of natural diamonds, their physical, chemical and optical properties differ completely from those of natural diamonds. Therefore, consumers consider laboratory-made diamonds as fake diamonds.

Over the past decade, technology has grown at a fast pace, enabling laboratories to produce gem-quality diamonds using the CVD process, which is also recognized by international diamond classification organizations such as the IGI and the GIA, which issue certificates for laboratory diamonds. How can it be that these two international authorities issue certificates for laboratory diamonds if they are false?

Some people wonder: Is a lab-grown diamond a real diamond? In fact, the relationship between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds is like the relationship between greenhouse flowers and natural flowers, they are both flowers, but grown in different environments. The original color, high grade hardness and extreme hardness of a laboratory diamond are identical to those of a natural diamond, and each laboratory diamond is unique, just like a mined diamond.

Wondering if you should buy a piece of jewelry for yourself or your loved one in 2021? If so, you may consider a lab diamond that glitters and shimmers just like a natural diamond. Not only is it affordable, but it also has a trendy and elegant design that will please your loved one while contributing to the protection of the planet!
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