The design of your ring will make a huge difference to the way it looks on your finger, whether it is an engagement ring, a wedding band, or simply a ring to match your outfit. So, how can you make a decision? Understanding the characteristics of each shape below will help you pick the best ring for you, in addition to making you look gorgeous.


One of the most common ring styles is the round shaped ring. Representing roundness and beauty, with over 56 facets reflecting light and making the diamond sparkle, round rings are often used as the main diamond in a proposal or wedding ring, alongside the band to make the diamond appear bigger and shinier.

 The Oval shaped diamonds have the same appearance as the round shaped ones, but when worn on the finger, the oval shape visually elongates the hand and provides a subtle distinction from the round diamond, giving it a unique, eye-catching, and elegant appearance.

 The princess shaped diamond is a square variant of the dazzling round cut diamond, usually formed with 57 to 76 facets and shaped like a four-sided pyramid which produces a greater diffusion of light and elegance than other square diamonds. Most people now opt for a lab-created princess cut diamonds, with a classic ring setting.

The vintage looks like a round pillow, hence the term cushion or cushion shaped diamond gives a vintage feel. The rounded edges provide the diamond with a soft appearance, making it an ideal choice for any engagement ring arrangement.

The popular understated elegance of the emerald diamond is that its octagonal phase cut gives the diamond a rectangular parallel face, which reveals the transparency of the diamond, and even though the emerald diamond appears much larger than other types, its carat weight is lighter than its equivalent.

The cutting form of a diamond essentially determines the sparkle and shape of the stone, which represents the personality of the owner; it is therefore crucial to choose the form of the diamond, whether natural or lab-grown, so that the diamond will be the best choice for you.

At SHAN, we can customise your lab-grown diamond ring in a variety of shapes, carats and colours.

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