As you prepare to make a fresh start in your love life, don't you want to give her the best of everything, since you are committing yourself to her for life.
Before 1930, except for European royalty, diamond rings were rarely used for marriage proposals. Later, diamond values were overestimated by De Beers' advertising slogan: "A diamond is forever". This marketing campaign sought to draw a parallel between a diamond and love. Diamonds were seen as the most romantic purchase a man can make for his lover, symbolizing the eternal love with the diamond.

Are diamonds really such precious and rare treasures?

Diamonds are made of carbon, one of nature's most common components, which were first formed over 3 billion years ago in the depths of the earth's crust under conditions of intense heat and pressure that cause carbon atoms to crystallize to form diamonds. Due to the scarcity of raw materials and the difficulty of extracting them, diamonds are considered by customers as rare and valuable, hence their extremely high price. Indeed, more than 100 years ago, only a few rivers in India and the jungles of Brazil contained diamonds, and only a few kilograms of gem-quality diamonds were produced each year. In 1870, huge diamond mines were first discovered in South Africa, resulting in the production of tons of diamonds every year, and since then the market has been flooded with diamonds. As soon as diamond production increases, the price of diamonds declines. To cope with this situation, investors in diamond mines monitor production and marketing as well as advertising so as to maintain public perception of scarcity while controlling the global diamond trade.

In recent years, consumers have placed great importance on laboratory grown diamonds. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, synthetic diamonds now have the same compositional structure as natural diamonds, but at a significantly lower price. Even De Beers, the creator of "A Diamond is Forever", sells synthetic diamonds. However, the only difference between a laboratory grown diamond and a natural diamond is related to their country of origin. In addition, both types of diamonds are chemically, physically and optically identical. Even the GIA, an international organization, recognizes the role of laboratory diamonds and issues certificates for them.

Why should I choose a laboratory grown diamond for my proposal?

Because lab-grown diamonds are neither mined nor dredged, they are an eco-friendly choice for your wedding proposal. Moreover, they are far less expensive than diamonds mined from the earth, making them ideal for engagement rings and jewelry. Thanks to the development of technology, artificial diamonds are even more sparkling than natural diamonds, though, why not buy a synthetic diamond and avoid falling into the consumer trap set by the natural diamond supplier?

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