In diamond shops worldwide, you will usually see most white /colorless diamonds, with a clarity ranging from D to Z. Only one diamond in every 10,000 can be found with enough color. These are colored diamonds, so colored diamonds are more expensive.

Among the most common colored diamonds on the market are yellow, pink, green, blue, violet, red, etc. Colors are divided into grades: Faint, Very light, Light, Fancy light "Light color", Fancy "in the color", Fancy dark "dark color", Fancy intense "dense color", Fancy deep "deep color" and Fancy vivid "colorful".


Ruby Ring (9.91 carat lab grown ruby and 0.8 carat lab grown diamond in 18K white gold)

Yellow diamonds are top choice for colored diamonds. The formation of yellow diamonds is due to a small amount of carbon atoms in the diamonds being replaced by nitrogen atoms in the air. Therefore, yellow diamonds are the most common and have a higher yield in colored diamonds, which makes the price more affordable. Blue diamonds derive their color from traces of boron, or structural changes due to radiation, resulting in a blue diamond. Due to the uneven distributed of color bands in blue diamonds, the cutting technology must meet extremely high requirements to make them more valuable. Pink diamonds are the most popular diamonds among women, because structural defects in the formation of diamonds distort their structure, causing the diamond to appear pink. Red diamonds are the rarest colored diamonds. In 2015, Argyle's Australian quarry, which produced pink diamonds, only produced three 1 carat Fancy Reds, showing its rarity.

In April 1987, a 0.95 carat red diamond was sold for US$880,000, setting a world record of over US$900,000 per carat. At the 2017 Hong Kong Sotheby’s auction, the most eye-catching 59.60 carat, Fancy Vivid Pink color grade, Internal Flawless (internal flawless clarity) pink diamond "Pink Star" sold for 71.2 million US dollars, or approximately 553 million Hong Kong dollars. The "Pink Star" pink diamond broke the global record for pink diamond auctions!

The beauty of colored diamonds makes the whole world dream, but not all consumers can afford the expensive prices of colored diamonds. And now, laboratory diamonds are no longer confined to colorless diamonds, simulating their growth conditions, colored diamonds are no longer out of reach. Following the launch of colored diamond series by De Beers and Swarovski, SHAN also launched its own colored diamond series. The affordable price of laboratory colored diamonds can also enable jewelry designers to showcase their talents and apply them to different jewelry design styles, bringing innovative and fashionable colored diamond jewelry to the market.

In addition to colorless diamonds, colored diamonds are also one of our most popular series. Whether it is a ring or a necklace, the price and quality are very attractive. Click here to find out more in the online shop!

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