Diamonds aren’t just for engagements, they can make a great gift for special occasions too. And when we talk about special occasions, it all comes down to personal style. Whether you want to surprise your mother for her birthday, or want to surprise your significant others, lab-grown diamonds can offer an affordable, ethical and eco-friendly alternative choice. 

Why should you consider lab-grown for your next special occasion? We give you 3 reasons below :

Lab grown diamonds can be made in colors rarely found in nature

Naturally coloured diamonds are very rare and are usually prohibitively expensive for us ordinary folks,  in different shades such as ranging from deep reds, vivid pinks and light browns with the support of technology . That’s why lab-grown is a great alternative to mined diamonds. For a third of the price, you can get brilliant diamonds in unusual colours that are as unique as your loved one.

Custom designs that speak to your personal style

No cookie-cutter designs here. We all want one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that pair with their personal style. Lab grown diamonds can come in a wide variety of designs and can easily be customized to create unique pieces which are used to match your fashionable style.

Not just for Millennials and Gen Z, but various generations 

All age groups are going for lab grown these days. In recent years, there has been a steady increase in consumers who are looking for a greater variety in their earrings, necklaces, bracelets and jewelers to create unique pieces especially for them. When customers consider the quality of each piece, the level of lab diamond color & color grading is no different with the mined diamond.  The collection of lab grown jewelry is delicately designed to suit the needs of a wider range of customers. 

Whether it’s a present for someone you know or a gift for yourself, our custom made jewelry is the perfect pairing.

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