How are SHAN’s lab-grown diamond made?

1. Begins with tiny specs of high quality lab-grown diamonds, we called it “diamond seeds”

2. The diamond seeds will then place in a vacuum chamber called a plasma reactor, a plasma reactor heat up to 6000 degree approaching the temperature of the Sun.

3. Carbon atoms rain down on the diamond seeds growing the stones layer by layers. This procedure is called Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD).

4. With the current technology it only take 3-4 weeks to grow a diamond, the longer they sit the bigger the diamond get.

5. When the stone is big enough they are examine and access by our experts to maximize the size and sparkle of each individual stone, then they are cut using positioned lasers before they polish to shine.

6. We make sure our stones are always in the highest quality. Once the finished stones is completed they are handcrafted by our specialist jewelers in the best 18K gold.

That’s the science behind SHAN’s lab-grown diamond jewellery!

Facts about lab-grown diamonds

  • Lab-grown diamonds are graded at the same laboratories as natural diamonds
  • Lab-grown diamonds are graded at world-renowned labs that also certify earth-mined diamonds, and all lab-grown diamond certificate are required to state that the diamond is a “Laboratory Grown Diamond”
  • Eco-Friendly and conflict free
  • There are no blood lab-grown diamonds and they don’t require the mining that hampers the ecology and environment around the mining zone. They are pure, guilt-free and there is little to no hard to ecosystems, wildlife or communities in the creation of our diamonds
  • Consistent quality
  • Growing diamonds from scratch means factors affecting quality can be controlled and more high quality diamonds are available, ie no fluorescence effect and no milky diamond
  • More affordable!
  • Lab-grown diamonds cost less to produce, and those savings get passed along to our customer! Not to mention lab-grown blue, pink and yellow diamonds are priced at a fraction of the cost of natural fancy color diamonds, making the accessible to SHAN’s customers!
  • Laboratory-grown diamond IS forever!
  • Lab-grown diamonds are 100% carbon and share the same physical and optical properties of a mined diamond. It will NOT change appearance. No trained eyes or tools such as microscope and loupe are unable to detect the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a mined diamond.